Wir glauben keine Nato Lügen mehr

Stoppt die Angriffe auf Syrien

Kein Krieg gegen Syrien

Donnerstag, 11. August 2011



  1. Salut Roger

    Ils disent que les champignons font voler heureux.
    Maintenant, il m'a fait trois fois plus de chance.
    Une fois le point de vue.
    Quand j'ai photographié et écrit sur ​​le blog
    Et maintenant, avec votre réponse

    meilleurs voeux

  2. Fliegenpilz, aber wunderbar zu bewundern!
    noch nie gesehen so ausführlich!
    I loved it!

  3. Hi Denise

    Yes, the fly agaric!
    It is said that he was the king of mushrooms.
    Previously we knew a recipe.
    So you could fly with an ointment made ​​of fly agaric.
    It did not fly to another country.
    They flew to the other world.
    But you have to be extremely careful.
    Otherwise it could happen that you could never return to this world.
    The fly agaric is poisonous and dangerous.
    Only if you had done it right,
    They flew to the other world and landetet again healthy and full of wisdom in this world.
    I prefer the fly agaric to photograph only.
    I then go into another world when my journey in this world has come to an end.
    Because I am patient and anxious.

    best wishes