Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

632 Jahre

Am Kölner Dom haben sie 632 Jahre gebaut.
Zum Glück bin ich heute dank Blender etwas schneller.

Der Kopf der Kirche ist fertig Modelliert.
Es fehlen noch der Michael und der Gabriel Turm.
Und das Frontportal.




  1. Very nice. That must have been a lot of work. beautiful structure.

  2. Hello John

    when I was a kid, we went with my parents every year to Bretange in the Holiday.
    We traveled by car.
    We always need two days.
    My parents have chosen different way each time.
    Every time in the middle of the way we looked at a cathedral or a castle.
    I was very impressed.


  3. Then our paths have kind of crossed Patrick. We also used to go to Bretagne for holidays, back in the late 70s and through to the mid 80s. We stayed in La Croisic, Vannes and other places and once up the coast to Normandy to stay near Mont St. Michel. France has many really good cathedrals. I hope to go and see some of them one day. They are impressive.



  4. We were in Pornic
    This is a little more south.
    But we are also a couple of times went to Le Croisic
    The first time I was there in 1966 with two years old.
    Then every summer until 1978
    It is very nice
    The sea is wild
    It has very high ebb and flow
    Because the English Channel
    So you can find beautiful shells
    During low tide

  5. I even found the house where we were always !!
    My mother was a French teacher
    She knew the people of this Château de la Mossardière
    So we were always welcome
    And she could still improve French


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